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Did you know that a staggering 97% of aspiring authors never finish their first book?

There’s more: Renowned author Richard Bach once said, "A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit."

But now there’s good news:

A new way to think about writing a book…one you’ll read about today.

Some are saying it’s the biggest writing and publishing breakthrough since the invention of the printing press.

Instead of struggling to find time to write, feeling overwhelmed by the confusing process of book creation, and procrastinating on writing tasks, imagine a different scenario.

Starting today you can effortlessly weave together a compelling narrative, navigate the publishing process with ease, and maintain a consistent writing schedule. But here's the thing. This shift can only occur if you absorb the information in this message today and then spring into immediate action. Ponder it, let it sink in, and then make the leap.

And that’s why this letter may be the most important message you receive all year. Consider it carefully. Read it more than once. Then you decide if this is what aspiring authors everywhere are saying this is…

“The Fix For Struggling to Find Time to Write”

I’m Damon Nelson. Co-founder of BookMasher.

I’ve been in the business of helping aspiring authors overcome their struggles with writing and publishing for several years.

Achieving goals like creating a bestseller and building an author brand.

Realizing dreams like becoming a published author and leaving a literary legacy.

Just a few of my many case studies are revealed below.

Today I’d like to share the most concise and to-the-point blueprint for struggling aspiring authors I’ve ever used.

One that…

Helps You To Unleash Your Inner Author

About as easy as humanly possible too.

You see, I recently analyzed hundreds of case studies I’ve helped over the years.

I studied what took them to success faster than the rest.

The result astonished me…and here why:

The thing that separated the success stories from the rest was not talent, inspiration, or even hard work. Instead, it was a simple mindset shift - a new way of thinking about writing and publishing. But I'll let you in on that secret later.

And I put all of that into a simple by-the-numbers guide that…

Here are the 10 Incredible Book Writing Modules included with BookMasher

Is your manuscript collecting dust in a drawer? Dreaming of success in bookstores? 
BookMasher is more than just software – it's your key tool for transforming ideas into engaging books that thrill readers and boost your bank account.

Non-Fiction DIY Books - "Craft Your Expertise"
Doubt your expertise? Reconsider.
This module changes your know-how into engaging non-fiction that establishes YOU as the authority.
Illustrated Cookbooks - "From Kitchen to Page"
Have a secret family recipe? An extraordinary fusion dish? You can create a fully illustrated cookbook (in the next hour) that makes mouths water and people trying your own irresistible recipes.
Travel Guides - "Wanderlust in Words"
Travel blogger? Armchair adventurer? This module transforms your adventures into the ultimate guidebook that'll have readers snapping up plane tickets quicker than you can say "bon voyage!"
Coloring Books - "Unleash Creativity"
Whether you're a doodler or an artist, your coloring book ideas can be quickly turned into an awesome coloring book ready for publishing on Amazon—and it might just be your next big hit.
Word Search Puzzles - "Instant Word Searches"
Love word searches? Trivia buff? From a single topic this module churns out hundreds of word search puzzles and solutions in minutes, perfect for publishing on Amazon.
Gardening Books - "Share Your Green Thumb Tips"
Whether you're a pro horticulturist or just love weekend gardening, this module helps you turn your gardening know-how into a must-read guide with readers admiring your expertise.
Trivia Books - "Test Their Knowledge"
Think you're a trivia whiz? This module lets you quickly create trivia books filled with questions that are so captivating they'll keep readers coming back for more.
(Coming Soon)
Children's Books - "Spark Young Imaginations"
Got little ones, or just a playful heart yourself? Craft the storybook of your dreams, brimming with captivating drawings and entertaining stories that kids will adore. (Coming Soon)
Coffee Table Books - "Visual Storytelling"
Are you a photographer, painter, or artist? This module helps you convert your thoughts and ideas into a coffee table book in minutes that will impress readers and spark conversations. (Coming Soon)
Crossword Puzzle Maker - "Challenge and Delight"
Got a thing for crosswords? This module lets you whip up puzzles that'll give your readers a fun brain workout. (Coming Soon)

The BookMasher Difference:
More Than Just Software, It's Your Book-Writing Dream Team

No Experience Needed

We take you from blank page to published pro, no matter your skill level.

Proven Templates

Stop guessing, start creating with our battle-tested book blueprints.

Set-it and Forget-It

Easy to start and let BookMasher do all the heavy lifting. Your book practically writes itself!

Professional Polish

Your book will look and read like it came from a top-tier publishing house.

Interactive Tutorials

Step-by-step guidance to help you at every stage of your book creation journey.

Flexible Formats

Export to multiple formats including DOCX, PDF, or Google Docs. 

Why you need BookMasher Today!

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Platform

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy how easy book creation can be with our user-friendly interface and step-by-step guides. Move smoothly through the process, save time, and focus on what truly counts - creating your masterpiece.

Your Ideas Fully Researched

Automated Research Tools

Picture AI handling all those boring research and analysis tasks for you. Let our automated tools do the hard work—gathering important info, sorting data, and keeping you on top—so you can focus on what really matters without stressing over manual effort.

No Prompting Skills Required

Detailed Book Writing Models

Our comprehensive AI Book Writing Modules are professionally engineering prompting machines designed to help you transform your vision into reality, without you have to think about how to outline, detail, and write each chapter of your book.

Enhance your books with AI-generated content and illustrations

Generative AI Prompts & Art

Open your book and feel the thrill of turning pages filled with vivid AI-drawn art. Your readers will be drawn into your story, their eyes glued to every enchanting detail.

BookMasher turns Ideas into Books

Build DIY Books on auto-pilot

Unleash the full potential of your creative adventures by integrating AI into your DIY projects. Discover how technology can work hand in hand with your craftsmanship to create something truly extraordinary.

Access to the Developers and a Very Active Private FB Group

Community and Support

Access to a supportive community and expert assistance, which helps you overcome challenges and stay motivated throughout your book creation journey.

Expect New Book Writing Models

Future Expansions

You can explore areas like children's books, gardening, puzzle books, and even make your own audiobooks. And that's just the beginning—there's a lot more coming!

Breathing New Life Into Your Books

Recasting your books

Why limit yourself to Kindle and paperback formats? Expand your reach by transforming chapters into engaging blog posts and dynamic podcast episodes with AIMasher.

Ready to take action today?

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Publishing Your First Coloring Book (June 30 2024)

Bonus 1

Learn the step by step proceedure we use to publish our coloring books in a series on Amazon. How to use Book Masher, Canva, and KDP on Amazon to get that first book published within hours of your ideas ($297 Value)

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Secret #2 - (Coming August 2024)

Bonus 2

Book Niche Research and Publishing Secrets Course ($197)

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Secret #3- (Coming Fall 2024)

Bonus 3

Best Selling Author Shortcuts Course - Book Marketing Strategies used by the experts ($497)

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Annual Plan ($299/yr)


Save 33% with annual plan

Non-Fiction DIY Books
Illustrated Cookbooks
Travel Guides
Coloring Books
Gardening Books
Word Search Puzzle Books
Trivia Books (Coming Soon)
Childrens Books (Coming Soon)
Crossword Puzzles (Coming Soon)
Coffee Table Artbooks (Coming Soon)

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"With Book Masher I love how easily I can create a DIY book. I  then I add my own experiences and publish it."

Brad Thompson

Landscape Architect

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Non-Fiction DIY Books
Illustrated Cookbooks
Travel Guides
Coloring Books
Gardening Books
Word Search Puzzle Books
Trivia Books (Coming Soon)
Childrens Books (Coming Soon)
Crossword Puzzles (Coming Soon)
Coffee Table Artbooks (Coming Soon)

Launch Pricing available for a limited time

"With BookMasher I was able to make my first cookbook from recipe ideas in an afternoon... And the finished food pictures were incredible."

Aisha Singh - Kindle Cookbook Author

Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the software?

It may take a 15 to 30 minutes before the initial setup email arrives in your inbox (subject line: "BookMasher - Create Account"). Then you'll receive a 2nd email with your account activation link (subject line: "BookMasher - Account Verification"). Once activated, you need to add your API keys and then you are ready to start.

Do you have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Test-drive our product for 14 days. If it doesn't meet your expectations within that period, put in a support ticket in the software dashboard or drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll promptly refund your purchase. No hassles, no fuss! For full refund details, please read our Refund Policy.

What other software will I need?

You will need to add your own OpenAI API key into the integrations. It is really easy to add the API key. Here is how it is done.

We also offer API integrations with other SAAS apps like Anthropic, Perplexity, StabilityAI, ElevenLabs, AIMasher, Pixabay, Google Search, and others coming soon.

Do you have any training on how to use this software?

Absolutely, we go above and beyond on training. We have videos, slides decks, and PDFs on every feature in this App. Once you purchase your software license, we will send you a link to the training course and facebook group invite link.

Is there a LTD available?

For those that don't want monthly or annual renewal notices and want to get all the version upgrades and feaure updates automatically and with no additional costs, then this deal is for you. Pay 1-time $997 or split this up over 3 monthly payments at $347/mo.

Click Here to get it.

This deal won't lat forever and we reserve the right to cancel at any time in the future.

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